“Guru parikrama” 06

Why ..Travelling all over India

I love India, land of so many cultures, languages, caste, food, traditions in all aspects n different way of every state is so unique full of knowledge the more you gain you feel still it is more you need to know.

“Love moves the world” here i talk about way it is a place of attraction for so many forengier, what they like, why they frequently visit, what is the attraction which pulls them again n again whether it is Gokarna beaches, Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, down south Kerala, beaches, resorts, Goa, Mumbai Shimla everywhere I have seen there expression so calm n relaxed. Even with there bags behind, how they plan there holiday in just simple clothes n easy in walking n exploring places.

Holy dip in Ganga was like giving sins to it n coming out afresh. That’s trust n belief and true to many those who have experienced it. So much of force in water makes you feel very tiny indeed. Why so many people are following Guru’s in India? They feel that there is so much belongs in ancient scriptures based on facts which have taken up great heights by spiritual guru’s in India.

Love n peace are the utmost feelings by frequently visiting people from all over the world, making n uplifting their spirits must be the good reason to come here n experience something good n joyous while interaction with people around them, bringing them more closer to Indian soil.

Travelling makes person better, brings tranquility, adjustment increases, exploring to different environments makes us towards more of self learning specially when we travel to explore different places with natural beauty around in interiors of many places in India.

Beautiful places like.. Uttarakhand, places around Mumbai, western ghats, eastern ghats, visiting temples, down south, churches in Goa, visiting monasteries in Leh, having Langer in Gurudwara, attending carnival in Kerala, boat rides, sunset, sunrise in mountains with hills covering snow as a spread of white n golden sheets making person more energetic n humble at the same time.

Lot remains as if still to explore more about historical places like Ajanta and Allora..

“Guru Parikrama” 5

“In the lap of nature”

As I went to Rishikesh with 22 families with children. Everyone seemed to be excited for three days trip. As our bus journey started, started pouring in thoughts of how about the place, how will be the stay, I have only heard about Rishikesh, Haridwar…and my main attraction was to attend evening Arti..near banks of river Ganga. Still I was thinking if the timings will match during Arti..??

Slowly we reached near one point away from famous bridge to enter n see Ganga flowing. Standing on the bridge I was wondering about the place, so much rush around bit of tiredness of our journey, i was in judgement little mean to see the flow of holy water… thinking what’s so great here..I have yet to see.

After spending Half and hour we again moved towards our bus taking us for further higher point, where our stay was arranged.

Finally we reached as soon as we got down we were given life saving jackets, we started wearing life jackets, without wasting time we had to cross Ganga before getting dark as on the other side of it we could see number of tents lined up. “Oh that is our stay going to be.” As we sat in the boat and strong flow of water made me realised how small we are as beings in front of that gushing flow of green water waves full of roar at the same time pure and beautiful feel of wind blowing was so magical about place.

We reached n stepped out of boat, handed jackets to the person n moved towards tents..oh no bed’s only tarpoline that two on sand. Sudden flash of my home comfort came in front of my eyes.

No thoughts came thereafter as I was now from my comfort zone to adjusting zone to nature. Soon our trip was organised to be ready for White River rafting n during flow we had a dip in strong current of water..Ganga holy dip, strongly holding rope I climbed back in Gemini..

Great experience to be in swirls of water, rolling us n taking us so fast that we could feel sudden drop of height, we nearly crossed seven swirls. More that any roller coaster ride in the lap of nature, filled everyone hearts with joy.

We had our meals, children started playing volleyball with net nicely fitted in sand in between. We clicked picture with camera. Evening sunset was full of shades of blue, orange, white lines in the sky slowly turning time into night time now sky full of twinkling stars.

No light, sand all around thoughts of home in Delhi..what do we miss staying in fast moving life is purity of being with in nature..cool breeze no fans no artificial lights..sounds of water,breeze created vast difference in the feelings to be in Delhi n now to be in nature.. morning I woke with sunshine outside the tent.

Doing yoga on sand was altogether new experience in itself. Now after breakfast two teams were made one had chosen rappling n other one of our team decided to start tracking up the hill. Slowly we started climbing n there was nothing accept rough dusty path taking us out more on height, no beauty around after 40 minutes of climbing took us all to have small break..still nothing much was there to see. Few more steps away n when we all turned our backs to see it was breathtaking view from top hill to see Holy river flowing in deep green water moving downward like natural painting but no sound of waves only we could hear wind, blowing giving us more coolness, uniting all my thoughts to be one with mind, body n soul.

We again ended up on the banks of river with bon fire, dances, program performance from children of all ages.

Next day was winding up I was leaving my feel behind to be in tents, staying next to banks of river, night sky, sunrise in morning so much of silence, peace around..

I turned around to say good bye to I don’t know what but ..

My most awaited moment came when our bus stopped near bridge, we all got down crossed that bridge n my most wow moment when we reached ashram footsepts, sat there in between so much of crowd with tourists, foreigners clicking pictures. I saw children clad in orange robes, bald heads walked, stood in proper line formation. They started chanting mantras as singing loud for lord’s glory oh my lord Arti was going on I was waiting for this to experience as a long shiva statue in sitting pose of sadhana all around were waves touching his feet n seeing Diya lit Arti and mantra chanting again left me thoughtless…..

Guru Parikrama 4


Our life begins with prayers as when child is born, wave of happiness covers all the relatives, parents, friends, children, cousins. All feel so happy n prayers start for good health n happiness for new born.

Pray to Lord to give his wisdom to keep us in bliss. I met my friends who had done art of living course n got married later. They both came home and I asked them how is the course going on. They were so happy as they felt they are the perfect match for each other. I was as it is doing my meditation and full of contentment was showing as he told me you are in bliss. I said really m I in “bliss”?? I felt their happiness and blessed them as loving couple.

Lord is always there before we start praying.

As I went to Gurudwara to pray for my parents good health, family, friends for all my loved ones. I thought all this, walked in with my head covered, my thoughts vanished when standing in front of holy book, i bowed down. Still the thoughts were not really touching my heart. I walked around, thought of doing one round, around but as soon as I stood in front of place of worship with folded hands still thoughts were not pouring in my mind. I kept standing just like that and lady with small child in arms walked in and within few minutes patthii ji were standing in front of me.

It was birthday of that little baby and patthii ji started Ardas, prayed for good health of baby. I was freezed as I felt prayers reaching directly as to Guru Nanak ji. Suddenly I felt so light and walked, completed my round around place of holy worship. Wave of happiness touched me deep in my heart and that moment was “wow”moment. I went to pray for my loved ones but prayed for someone whom I had never met. My prayers had already been taken care by Supreme Lord.

Pray for self, pray for others, pray for all those who are doing good, pray for all. When we pray with open mind our prayer for self becomes small. Prayer is prayer…

Guru Parikrama 3

“When I will turn 50 I will go to monasteries n will meditate.”

As soon as we landed at Leh airport, I felt it so much different from metropolitan city. Less of people, small, simplicity all around there was a sudden drop of feeling of pause in my busy thinking track of thoughts.

As soon as we collected our luggage and moved out there was a car waiting, with a warm respectfulness ‘Namaste’ madam n sir from driver.. again made me think that it is not the same kind of fast life feel is there, I sat in the car n slowly my thoughts started fading away we do carry unnecessary worries, we do think about health, money, future, settlement..We are always try.. settling as our own mind which revolves or keeps us busy in these. Why have we lost the charm in our own lives. It is not for pleasing anyone it is a question of pleasing our own self. When everything is destined than where is the worry left in most of us. It is all about faith, faith in our own selves. Faith that we are born to do in which we are the best, more learned, intelligent, creative. Our mind is a trained master as it starts counting the sufferings first before seeing the truth that we are also happy, easy go lucky at the same time. Why do we have to give space for sorrows we should replace it with the goodness of our own selves which we carry everytime within us.

Now slowly our car was speeding in lanes and by lanes of small town. Stopped near small gate and with so much respect we were welcomed by a lady who was going to be our care taker for few days.. from food, guiding us for shopping, seeing us comfortable in rooms we were staying in. Next day we were all set to explore Leh with same driver who took us to so many historical and famous places.

There was a monastery little far at a decent height but due to lack of oxygen we all used to get tired very fast. Slowly somehow we reached on top n entered in a big compound where hardly we could see people like us who were on tour. The feel around monastery was peaceful. I saw one monk sitting on a big stone and watching us. It was looking like a as he knew we were going to be there. Very promising look, stable, shining n unmoved feel yet very strong at the same time.

Next visit to monastery was again a different experience as it was windy coulrful flags were moving as if welcoming n there was a big statue of Buddha n “yes”

Monk was sitting in prayers with a small size drum in his hand beating it with the prayers words were floating around in a sound of touching silent looking Buddha making it more alive n whole place was filled with, energy full of peace n calmness. I sat there prayed for all n slowly we moved out n left that beautiful place of worship.

“When I will turn 50 years I will go to monastery n will pray” to let go all of the experiences n to surrender to divine where there will be no disturbance in mind about going out in traffic, speed, traffic jams, fast food, fashion, shopping malls, likings, dislikings, agree, disagreement, conversation, phone calls, mobiles……it won’t be standstill kind of experience but to be with calmness n nature would be the aim n to experience the silence within with more of a help of surroundings around…….

Guru Parikrama 2


Power is within us it is our will to use it in whichever form. We want.

When I started going for yoga shivir organized by yoga sanstan in Delhi. It used to take lot of effort to get up early morning and going for yoga class. I was never interested than in yoga but I used to go to park only to see beautiful roses.

My interest was only in flowers not in yoga but slowly got in a habit of getting up early. How do we know that we have a potential of handling so many matters in daily life. Most beautiful gift is of giving and gaining knowlege. Making life more meaningful, curiosity of learning, enhancing abilities..I didn’t know that my yoga classes at the age of seven years will help me to teach yoga and meditation in Delhi NCR Gurugram, hub of top most companies with latest technology, data, computer stored information, working in hi tech offices where entries are with swiping cards at door entrance noting time in and even check out time.

Tremendous power is needed to work skillfully. Younger generation is much aware of the workplace, environment, most important is to feel how certain nature of job is going to work for their personal growth or inner growth, how it going to improve more at intellectual level.

When I was taking office yoga combined with meditation sessions the kind of energy level I used to see in employees used to be very low. At the same time I used to see great yogis and meet them from far distance, I used to feel so much ease, shine on their face, determination, in there silence yet sharp look, there was so much to learn instantly that I used to stop for while to notice something mystical around them. Clad in white thin cloth and just beads in hands nothing else……

This wow factor was generated.

Full of enthusiast, Josh, my callibure to help me approach.. nearly undertaking 500 employees in different offices made me better, improved person today. Life can be easy simple depending upon what we want to achieve. Move forward with a goal let your willpower work on you freely, let go all the if’s n but’s n focus on the easy approach towards yourself and your future goals in a constructive manner……….

Guru Parikrama

“Any amount of stress, any amount of negativity, thought, this and that, they’ll all come and pass and get out, leaving you crystal clear and pure. So know that in the center core of you, you are only bliss and love nothing else.” BHAKTI SUTRAS

Life is so beautiful, full of energy, growth, commitment, sacrifices, tears, joy .. everyday is a different experience, end of a day teaching us something and is like high wave of life form.

This is only possible when at a certain point of life time Guru enters in your life like a guiding source of energy in your high and lows of life experiences. Where you go wrong sometimes, where you start blaming others for our own mistakes, even you play with the sentiments of kind hearted people, even when you get hurt by others remarks or behaviour. Question is where things are going wrong and when we know it is than how can we be balance it at the same time. What is lacking? Since childhood I had strong inclination to have spiritual Guru in my life.

In year 1999 I met my Guru only for one hour that too I saw him from far distance only listening to his instructions on how to have discipline in daily karma’s that is how to have good thoughts while working, how to erase our own weaknesses, set time for meditation, how to practice cleansing of karma’s by doing good to others, how to live a blissful life..oh it was altogether a very big question on how to understand these mysteries of universal truth. How is it possible when I meet different people friends, relatives, strangers, colleagues of different nature. That time I took NAMDAN and quietly left the place by having last glance of my dear Guru from a distance after that till now I have never met but his words are crystal clear now also. In that one hour of understanding the teachings, knowledge I gained had changed something in me which I had been longing from ages to experience.

May our ancestors shower the love, guidence, happiness, blessings to us and we remain soaked in that always. I was so thankful to them, my parents, my loved one’s for their blessings upon me. My grandmother was my inspiration…as a child seeing my grandmother (we used to call them Mata ji..) as very much simple, humble, God fearing, with full of calmness around her, always smiling used to make me so special when I used to sit with her. Everyday day for one hour we used to sit together as because of her poor eyesight she used to wait for me to read spiritual books, chapters full spiritual teachings n knowledge to her. We used to wait for eachother company and at the age of seven I started reading those spiritual books with stories holding deep meaning about life, leading life towards enlightenment or nirvana. After my evening playtime with friends when I used to read for grand ma I felt on there is so much to feel about life rather than playing…slowly it took me more into deeper meaning about life as I used to keep asking her the meaning n questions or sometimes explanation of spiritual stories. I used to wait and see her reaction ..how she is listening to my way of reading at the same time l used to watch sunset behind her… thinking more about Mata ji that how much divine person she is…the kind of peace n contentment i used to feel was way beyond words. I was seven that time staying in Delhi. Even our landlord were spiritual people as early morning i used to wake up listenting sabad Kirtan.. prayers. Slowly I started gaining lot of patience by end of day, mostly thinking about the outcome of spiritual teachings………….

After 19 years of taking “NAMDAN” for that one hour of just being there with Guru ji seeing him from far today I see the world in myself through guru eyes this is one Parikrama of my knowledge about guru (as a guiding source of energy of geting kripa)

Changes are constant depending on situation to situation in our day today life. Why don’t we feel the same way when we were in childhood it is all because of earnings, society, pressure of doing well in raising up family, children settling down, in all walks of life experiences finally we start remembering our childhood days. As after certain age of doing respsibilities every being wants to be free from duties..or we start looking for what more is there for us to do.. slowly I tried to find out..when I got an opportunity to do selfless service as a group coordinator for outreach work……..